enVigil V Datasheet


enVigil Vehicle

     Rugged video surveillance system for transportation industry

Local recording and remote access for moving vehicle, trucks, buses and railways


enVigil Vehicle is a rugged network video recorder (NVR) especially designed for public and commercial transportation applications. Securely inside its die cast aluminum enclosure it is fan less, IP 66 rated dust and waterproof and can tolerate humid and hot environment. The product is developed to withstand shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations

. It provides uninterrupted in-vehicle recording in full frame rate HD resolution.

enVigil Vehicle  is equipped to handle voltage fluctuation and surge voltage form 8 volt to 34 volts which is more than adequately to handle power fluctuation encountered in a vehicle. It has intelligent controller for programmable delayed and automatic shutdown after ignition switch is switched off to prevent battery being drained. Supplies power to cameras with automatic shut down. It is a low power system. Total power requirement of less than 36 watts including cameras.  Power to the camera is provided form built in PoE switch.


In addition to integrated shock absorbers, enVigil Vehicle is equipped with a 4 GB Solid State Drive for the system and application software, and a 2.5 SATA hard drive or a Solid State Drives of up to 500 GB for recording video and sensor data.


It has built in VPN for secure and live remote video and sensor monitoring using mobile 3 G wireless broadband and WLAN infrastructure. Bandwidth adoption technology for smooth video monitoring.


enVigl Vehicle models come with license for 4 or 8 IP cameras. The enVigil Vehicle includes client software for local and remote monitoring. Face capture and motion detection capability.